Fall semester is finally over, so I rewarded myself with a concert with no other than Xavier Omär formally known as SPZRKT (Spazzy-Rocket). “How Do You Love Me” and “Blind Man” were two songs that put him on my concert radar.

The R&B/Soul crooner followed The Everlasting Wave with Pink Lightning in November, featuring single “Running Around”.

He embarked on a 16-city tour around the US and Canada, performing in NY, Texas, Atlanta and Philly etc earlier this month. Pink Caravan! and Iris Temple came along as supporting acts.

taken from Xavier’s Instagram @Xvromar

After 3 years of being a fan, I could cross him off my list. Saint Louis rapper Pink Caravan fka JSMN took the stage in an oversized red Nike sweatshirt, fire sweats and white Filas. She performed Soundcloud hits “Vroom, Vroom” and “Pop, Lock and Lemon Drops” and other tracks.

The crowd wasn’t really receptive of her compared to Iris Temple. They soon followed with electric guitar solos and passionate vocals. Quinn and Aura worked off each other’s energy and attendees were mesmerized during “Lemonade”, “Ashes” and “Ferns”. They sound way more crisp and raw in person. I’d love to see them again.

By 10:15, The San Antonio legend took over the stage and brought us along for the ride. He set the mood with “Love on Hold” and “The Motive” before transitioning to drum-thumping “Grown Woman” and “Hipster Girl”. The live band made all the difference at this show, maintaining the crowd’s energetic atmosphere. Omär continued to segue between The Everlasting Wave and Pink Lightning. He made time to preach to the crowd about following their dreams and the importance of believing in ourselves.

“Afraid” and “Change on Me” brought our energy back down as we basked in his glory. But the energy revved up again with “Wild” and two-step classic “Stuck”, here he made us aware that it was for his mother and the older generation. The black folks in the crowd brought everyone else to the cookout by doing rounds of the Electric Slide. Xavier put the cherry on top with a live rendition of “Blind Man”

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