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London-based rap/R&B collective WSTRN (comprised of Akelle Charles, Haile, and Louis Rei ) recently collaborated with Homerton drill rapper Unknown T for summertime single “Medusa”. The trio blend Patois with steel pans for a vivacious new riddim sound. Directors Luke Biggins and Ashleigh Jadee utilize a monochrome lens to emphasize various textures and movements of the artists and dancers.

Roman poet Ovid recounts Medusa as a once beautiful mortal woman who was converted by Athena (the Greek Goddess of Wisdom) into a snake-haired monster whose frightening gaze transformed mortals to stone.

Halie takes the myth of Medusa to warn others of the romantic challenges that come with chasing an unimpressed, uninvested woman. However, a confidnet Unknown T remains unphased as he tries to conquer her through swift wordplay.

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