Chicago’s black boy joy Tobi Lou remains to be one of the most animated rappers out. His visual collaborations with Glassface detail nostalgic pastimes coupled with engaging youthful discourses of coping with life’s complex curveballs: ranging from relationships, celebrating regular days and finally finding your spirit animal; Tobi’s being Billy the goat.

His most recent EP Tobi Lou & The Juice processes his growing pains on the journey to achieving self-actualization. His production remains bright and airy with features including DJ Pharris, Zack Villere, and Galimatias.

Tobi tells relatable stories of grasping adulthood’s hustle and bustle found in “Lavender Town Pt. 1” before highlighting love’s temporary, intoxicating elation within “Sadderday”. Galimatias brings a kaleidoscopic feel to “High Score” where Lou acknowledges social media’s false-realities, haters and momental concerns of  “saving the cheerleader or the world”.

“Knock Knock” shines with hypnotizing, twinkling keys. Listeners are taken on a journey through  Juice’s alternate universe where Lou is a K-Pop star. He offers insight into the philosophical truths of being prior to concluding to protect our joy and peace at all costs. Zack Villiere intensifies the somber emotions of Lou’s off-day single “Birthday Boy”.

Life can be going great before getting best of us and “Billy” cements it lyrically and visually with the help of Estefania Preciado. Tobi Lou and The Juice concludes on an optimistic note with “Just Keep Goin’ “. Although we may be unhappy where we are right now, this an uplifting bop will help you find beauty in your struggle.

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Juice’s light production allows listeners to focus on Lou as if he’s that little voice in our heads. Similarly to Tobi Lou & The Moon, Tobi Lou and The Loop, The Juice builds on imaginative raps to reflect on hardships (“Sadderday”) and rolling with life’s punches (“Birthday Boy”) to emerge on top (“Knock Knock” and  “Just Keep Goin’ “).

Be on the lookout for Tobi’s debut project Cult Classic later this fall. Follow Tobi Lou on social media @TobiLou.

Favorite tracks: “High Score”, “Knock Knock”, and Just Keep Goin’ “



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