Mina Explores Sierra Leone’s Sounds via ‘Kabala’

Mina Explores Sierra Leone’s Sounds via ‘Kabala’

London based DJ Mina constantly explores new musical boundaries. Her lush UK club infusions of afrobeat, dancehall and other rich tropical sounds have ingeniously defined her in the thriving global club world. Music has been a vital force in this young...

Sue Lily Soulfully Describes Liquids In “Water”

Cause all I know, is water. I enjoy stumbling upon artists with very few songs released on music platforms. Sue Lily is one of those individuals. “Water” is an R-Kay (collective member of Orphgang and Rhythm-and-Reason) produced track. This is very...

Taliwhoah Tests The Universe In “Spirit World”

Is this what you wanted? Taliwhoah (Tally-wh-oh) is a singer/songwriter, dancer/choreographer and creative stylist from London, residing in Los Angeles, California. She has performed in places ranging from UK to Sweden, Paris and now her African roots of Sierra Leone....
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