Cause all I know, is water.

I enjoy stumbling upon artists with very few songs released on music platforms. Sue Lily is one of those individuals. “Water” is an R-Kay (collective member of Orphgang and Rhythm-and-Reason) produced track. This is very personal to her; it defines the strenuous internal battle experienced, while attempting to get over someone. This is the first single of a three piece project entitled The H

I have only released one song. For a long time, I doubted myself. However, I decided to bite the bullet and jump into the deep end. I am a strong believer in living life with no regrets, so decided to take this leap of faith; as i would hate to grow old, wondering what would have come from it .

The UK based Experimental Soul songstress cites Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse as some inspirations — for a brash willingness to lay themselves bare on a song. A Tribe Called Quest and Slum Village are also influences for allowing exposure to J Dilla’s beats. They have ultimately caused her to appreciate Hip-Hop on another level. To Sue, music is a means of healing. Artistically, she strives to make listeners feel and think something. But the ultimate goal is to create and garnish the attention of a large amount of fans; hoping they see the vision too.

Your ears are first welcomed to a high hat and repeated melodies on the piano. There is also a small sample of “Climax (Girl Shit)” by Slum Village.  She brings a new complex perspective, while personifying water, in comparison to love. It is open to interpretation: you might think she’s talking about raindrops, tears, waves, the ocean or quenching thirst. Her vocals are very refreshing and hopeful. Keep Sue Lily on your radar.

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