Double features on Yo! That Slaps are made for readers to develop a multi-dimensional understanding of musicians and their versatility. I would like to introduce you to Miami based rapper SofloJames. Both singles are off his recent release, Hotmail Hotboy

“Eurostep” is one of James more catchy, trip-induced singles. Rocco & Flyme’s sparkling production  comes across as an addictive ringtone met with thrashing sonics. James conceptualizes the two-step ball move into a story of personal triumph and dodging foes with consistent flow. Visually, “Eurostep” is built on boomerang edits & codeine colored filters instead of a directed narrative.

Euphoria on the other hand offers more substance from the Soflo Records CEO. James enters the ring confidently, spitting bars for a short 2-minute track. He’s equally unfazed and driven to shine in Miami’s thriving music scene.

Follow SoFloJames on social media @soflo_james & check his label roster. Listen to his project below

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