I did not know what to expect at this concert, nor did I care to show up hours in advance. Toronto Alternative R&B duo DVSN’s second album The Morning After left me with mixed feelings compared to the critically-acclaimed debut, Sept. 5th. 

Their line was wrapped around the venue’s side due to the tour’s popularity. After 20-30 minutes of waiting, my best friend and I booked it inside for a decent standing spot. Usually I’m up close but this time around, we were in the third tier from the stage. It wasn’t too bad for showing up so late.

This show was date central: Couples were swarmed around us, posing for an awkward yet manageable environment. DJ Eman of Power 106 spun live to get the crowd hype. His session could have been better though. It was a tribute to Drake with horrible transitions in between of outplayed radio hits.

Daniel Daley pulled up to the stage with his three-piece choir at his side at 10:15 PM. The journey to music heaven commenced with “Sept 5th” and “Run Away” , smoothly transitioning to “With Me” , “Nuh Time / Tek Time” and “Too Deep”. The supporting visuals were impeccable. Fans were taken on an emotional journey set in vintage Cuba. Each song received some type of treatment including: a lyrical video, the streets of Cuba or bodies moving in unison. Daniel worked the stage with confidence, drawing attention from all corners of the venue. His supporting vocalists – Amoy Levy, Camille Harrison and Shantel May brought us to church.

Daley gave the floor to Shantel to shine with a rendition of Beyoncé and her own song. Some covers they did included the “Kiss It Better” chorus and Usher’s “U Got It Bad”. Daley continued to dress down in his outfit as the night went on, signifying the journey between “Sept. 5th” and “Morning After”.  I developed an appreciation for this project after hearing it live. Although it was emotionally triggering, it was well worth it.

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