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Olugbenga aka Olugbenga Adelekan is a Nigerian-born and UK-based songwriter, producer and Metromony bassist. His music is considered to be Epic & Blues. Olu’s Omniuniverse is a series of mixtapes featuring a plethora of African music; these tracks that are complied on a monthly basis, are usually not associated with the umbrella terms “Afrobeat” and “World Music”. His mixes can be looked at as his “monthly recommendations, favorites and influences”. This Omniuniverse incorporates a lot of Bandcamp tracks.

This month’s mixtape is Pure Internet. My first son was born almost two months ago and I haven’t really left the house since then. There have been walks around the park and a few shows with Metronomy, but certainly no DJing. I am still well acquainted with being awake when most respectable people are asleep, but I haven’t seen the inside of a club in months. It’s been a fun break, actually. I’ve even found the odd spare moment to finish a couple of remixes and edits. I’ve also spent hours (and hours!) listening to tunes from all over the world, panning for gold.

  • Olu on creating Olu’s Omniuniverse #2

For August, the We Don’ Catch Am mix spotlights artists from East Africa and South Africa. He focuses more on East African music due to his “affinity” and Kenyan heritage. It opens with South African rapper Okmalumkoolkat’s “Holy Oxygen”. Olu considers him [Okmalumkoolkat] to be “The kind of artist I knew was out there when I started making mixes – uniquely representing his region of Africa but also of a generation that has grown up with a global mix of influences. His music is both spiritual and carnal, from what I can make out, and I always think that’s an interesting mix.

Somewhere in the beginning, Kenyan musicians P-Unit and The Kansoul make appearances to show “their loping grooves and extended run times reflect a dance culture where things are more of a marathon than a sprint”. Nigerian artists Temi DollfaceOrezi and Seye earned their spots for vibrant sounds. He adds some of own remixes, including Divine by Laura Marling because her lyrics are “simply beautiful and incredibly inspiring”. Olu envisioned a dance floor so the Omniuniverse needed to have the presence of Vieux Farka TouréMawimbi remix), Dotorado Pro, Midnight Ravers and Christian Tiger School.

This mix was very lively and refreshing. Olugbenga had clean transitions throughout the mix. I found myself with heavy anticipation during the 35 minute duration. My iTunes received a little revamping to fit in these new artists. I am really happy with how this month’s Omniunvierse turned out. What does he have in store for #3? Olu will definitely put you on to some new music in every universe session.

Get in the mix with the first Omniuniverse and #2 tracklist below.


Okmalumkoolkat – Holy Oxygen

The Kansoul – Nyongwa

Temi Dollface – Just Like That

P-Unit – Weka Weak

DJ Mackboogaloo – Here Comes Freedom

DJ Spoko – Angels & Demons

Orezi – Shuperu

OLUGBENGA – Silver Pixie, Iyawo Mi (REMIX)

Laura Marling – Divine [OLUGBENGA REMIX]

Vieux Farka Touré – Ana (Mawimbi Remix)

Dotorado Pro – African Scream

Midnight Ravers – Danbe

Christian Tiger School – Chorisolo


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