Nieman released “Love Like Wine” four months ago via Soundcloud. Since then, it’s earned over fourteen thousand plays. In February, a visual accompanied the painful, no-boundary rant off of his upcoming project Palette.The 23 year old crooner examines broken promises and downsides of love, while mimicking Bryson Tiller’s Trapsoul vibe.

Clay Doh Boontanakit directed the video. Here, Nieman is left with dozens of empty wine bottles, signifying his addiction to love. There is a shadowy ambience filling the room. As time passes, he sits in what looks to be an abandoned winery or warehouse.

An LA county native, the LANES artist has been singing since adolescence. He later participated in songwriting during high school; seriously pursuing music in December 2014. Musiq Soulchild, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer and others are influencers. This Chapman University student’s music library contains anything from indie rock and screamo to folk and hip-hop with anything in between. Such a wide variation teaches and shapes Nieman’s vivid vocal fluidity. He seeks to create wholesome throwback sounds for the modern age — without compromising  values and beliefs in the creative process.

It’s fun having more open instrumentals like this, because it allows me to experiment with different melodies, giving me more possibilities on how to approach a song.

Nick Pacoli has produced all his tracks thus far.”Love Like Wine” incorporates a dark and rugged instrumental amplifying emotional heartache. Grimy snares and hard-hitting synth extenuate his moving cadences. Additional faint weaving vocals remind listeners that love gets better. By the end, you’ll be urging to hear his Palette project.

His second EP drops April 29th, featuring singles “Love Like Wine” and “Why Do I Still?” feat. May Angeles. LANES is available for purchase on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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