When it comes to music, MNTRA is a 22-year-old who does it all: from producing, rapping/singing to writing and engineering. Oasis is his first full-body EP which seeks to be a work of elation for dream chasers and those who hustle year around. Phabo aka the Ratchet and Blues crooner is the only supporting artist featured on this 6-track project.

Oasis begins on a light note with a self-titled intro. He quietly admires her drive while craving to be the intoxicating vice; slyly singing “you get to be naughty naughty naughty just like you used to” eventually welcoming listeners to the destination. “Free” fuses warm, elated melodies with swift penmanship acknowledging the divine adoration of his muse over lush drums and strings.

I wanted people to stumble across this project like someone walking through the desert might stumble upon an oasis.


We are reminded that nostalgia and what-ifs are two potent drugs in the transparent single “Keep It Real”. Both MNTRA and Phabo weave in wordplay with vivid imagery to paint the catch-22 of love’s blame game of miscommunication. For an interlude, “PCH” is painstakingly honest. His anxious production allows mere seconds to feel like forever before scrambling to reassess the situation at hand. Ultimately, his ego is killed as a result of demanding the answer to one question: “Why can’t you stick to the program”?

 The St. Petersburg bred, hip-hop/R&B fusion artist brings the bars to balance MNTRA’s situation in “Don’t Call Me”. Oasis concludes with “Siren” where the Irvine native seeks to right his wrongs.

Oasis is a well-packaged project offering earnest lyrics and with a strong attention to detail from start to finish. “Free” and “Keep It Real” are the standout singles. Phabo continues to perform strongly as a feature with his lyricism shining through to bring “Keep It Real” and “Don’t Call Me” full circle. Overall. it’s a perfect length R&B/Soul project with the power to convert stumbling listeners into excited fans.

Add Oasis into your summer rotation and check out Phabo’s new single “Apple Juice & Henny” below.

 Follow MNTRA and Phabo on socials @MNTRA_ and @YOUKNOWPHABO.

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