Rochester crooner Midnight returns with tantalizing new single “Promethium”, produced by ylxr. Interestingly enough, “Promethium” offers some truth about a Greek deity: Prometheus.

In his myth, this Titan provides inferno for mankind, resulting in enumerable penance for betraying the Gods. Fire equipped mortals while counteractively leading to their own destructive demise.

“The goal every time I write is to journey the full gradient of a moment. Total immersion into desire, danger, and vulnerability”.

“Promethium” exudes themes of temptation and fate underscored by Xylr’s cosmic production. Midnight’s vivid, lyrical melodies over multi-layered beats display intimate exchanges disguised as energetic escapades felt all over. This song epitomizes a flaring flame’s essence: embracing a distinct rush of exhilaration and danger rooted in radioactive instability.

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