India Shawn recently finished touring with Indigo God Raury in his Crystal Express. She was promoting the EP , as an opener. Who is India Shawn? Remember Solange’s Saint Heron compilation? She landed on a spot on there with “I’m Alive”. So that might ring a bell for you. But if not, then this post will make her familiar.

The Southern California-Atlanta transplant collaborated with grammy winner James Fauntleroy  on a project entitled Outer Limits. Shawn invites you out of this world and into her own. The project in three words: funky, introspective and optimistic.

Outer Limits opens with the psychedelic work-entitled track as India urges you to dance with her. Earthy vibes continue and transition to “Let Me Show You”, where listeners can jam to guitar and bass riffs and kick drums. “One Sun” displays her vocal ability and range over softer sounds.

Midway through, “Mermaid Song” incorporates harps, violins — a classical take on Pop. “Who Cares” is a care-free track with positive connotations. The project continues to slow down in “More or Less”. Shawn creates a warming vocal build up with pleasing harmonies.

“Stay Classy San Diego” is one of the more raw tracks, focusing on a more alternative track. Drums and guitar help empower her voice, as she exhibits her genre fluidity. Her work concludes with “Floating Away”, the fan favorite. It’s an exuberant closer, definitely ending Outer Limits on a strong note.

India Shawn shows her vocal versatility in various genres. As a pop album, OL seeks to appeal to diverse audience. Experimental R&B is definitely one of her stronger genres. But nonetheless, this work displays who Shawn is as an artist: a sweet songstress who is unafraid to experiment with sounds. Check out her more recent project Re-Werc. 


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