I’ve been a Kali Uchis fan since Por Vida in 2015. The fact that the B-Side Brujas, an Oakland based female vinyl club and Brooklyn hip-hop band Phony Ppl, were supporting acts made me more ecstatic.

This would be my first Valentine’s Day concert ever. Love was in the air and with any V-Day concert, comes a swarm of couples as expected. I arrived to the Observatory in Santa Ana around 7-ish that night. Luckily at the time, the venue handed out roses with personally signed v-day cards from Kali.
A line of colorful Low-riders coasted through the parking-lot blasting Oldies, Rock-n-Roll and Latín music.

Within 20 minutes, B-Side Brujas took the stage with a groovy Suavecito Souldies mix. I was experiencing nostalgia with each tune, reminding me of songs my father played during the weekends growing up.

Around 8:30, Phony Ppl came out to perform Yesterday’s Tomorrow . They have such an energetic aura in concert with wild dance moves and electrifying solos.

During intermission,90’s R&B and instrumentals and Oldies.Life really hit me around 9:30 PM when Kali took the stage with Phony Ppl as support. She was swaying throughout the night in a glittery silver dress with curly brown hair.The crowd screamed so passionately during “Rush”, “Loner” and “Know What I Want”. After these songs, Kali’s shoe came untied and someone tried to rip it off. Wild.

But anyway, in middle of the show, the crowd witnessed someone’s promposal. We sang word-for-word during “Ridin’ Round”. The Colombian songstress also did renditions of “Black Magic Woman”. Steve Lacy came out for “Only Girl”. She closed out the night with “Table For Two”.

It was a night full of roses,low-riders, classic Suavecito Souldies and a lively crowd.

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