Loss comes in various forms with relationships. But it’s processing the experience that is one of the hardest parts. But 20-year-old Jesse Aaron seeks to define that journey in “Too Real”.

The passionate Los Angeles multifaceted R&B/Pop crooner-songwriter worked with San Diego producer Jay James to develop a somber foundation.

Aaron identifies himself from a drained, dissociated out-of-body perspective with poignant vocals. Gripping lyrics build and maintain curiosity as pianos deepen the mournful soundscape.

Themes of torment, toxicity and comfort remain prevalent. Emotional indifference clouds the mind as he ponders about what love truly means. The wailing chorus acts a segue between withstanding an emotional whirlwind to entering an space of acceptance. By the end, “Too Real” transforms pain and vulnerability into strength.

Check out his visual for “Hold Me Down” below.

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