Moreno Valley trio FRTNK (Fourteen K) is not new to the Alternative Hip-Hop scene. The group is comprised of Benjamin Aragbaye, Bryan Ramos, and Barin Butler Jr. — all whom are in their early twenties. Their unique sound [Moon Man Music] integrates differing aspects of Rock and Neo-R&B with 808’s and synthesizers. Since coming together in 2009, FRTNK’s portfolio has been garnishing traction; spawning comparisons to Outkast, Kanye West, The Neptunes, and The Gorillas.

As a part of #FRTNKFridays (weekly releases of new content), the Inland Empire natives turned a cover of Calvin Harris & Disciples’ “How Deep Is Your Love” into a self-produced/recorded remixed rendition.

It features talented vocalist Shea, who fervidly graces ears with soulful harmonies. She acts as the wondering voice in the back of your mind, posing questions of your loving limits. In a short verse, Ben eloquently paints a vivid escape. Brian sets the mood with moving piano harmonies, as Barin contributes electrifying guitar riffs. 

FRTNK’s EP is currently in the works.Be sure to catch FRTNK on Sunset in Hollywood,CA this Thursday.

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