Electronic music has the ability to intensify Pop’s deepest love songs. Hailing from the coastal city of Nador, Eye Surface has been creating engaging electronic music with cover art to match since 2011. This North Moroccan multidisciplinary artist and music producer takes his talents and upgrades Houston crooner Trevor Daniel’s druggy single “Youth”.

Trevor Daniel’s original version tells a tale of euphoric intimacy being exchanged in one moment. Emotions become heightened as Eye Surface takes listeners on a journey through “an infinite-dimensional space of decibels” by morphing Daniel’s vocals into distant echoes yearning to be felt. Trevor makes the best of his moments echoing:

“Nights like this

Burn, burn, burn

Let loose

Take a bite of this fruit”.

His production brings added depth with crashing drums, slashing synths, coupled with luminous basslines and bold sequencing. As original vocals weave near the outro, Eye Surface develops an intense trance similar to an out-of-body experience. His “Youth” reconstruction is equally satisfying and engaging introduction to his artistry.

In the words of Eye Surface: “May the EYE be with you”.

Follow him on social media @EyeSurface and Trevor Daniel @IamTrevorDaniel.

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