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Tavior Mowry, aka Dontae Adisa is musician from Los Angeles, California. To sharpen his craft, he also a plays guitar and DJs. The UC Davis senior cites Mos Def (Yasiin Bey), Marvin Gaye, Wes Montgomery and Blu & Exile as musical inspirations and influences. Both Sejoh and Adisa are a part of The Colectiv_. — a creative collective comprised of eleven members. He is also 1/2 of D. marX.
As far as the production of the track, I’d consider it to be a remix of sorts.
Adisa puts a spin on “Childish People“, an instrumental by Soulelection artist Esta and Traphouse Jazz man Masego. In the original, Masego creates jazz-hop fusion with saxphone and scats, to the moving Esta produced beat. These two Colective members attempt to retouch it by Sejoh adding more vocal depth; as Dontae contributes a “Summer situation” to resonate with listeners. “Let’s Chill” is an innovative take on a magnificent Soundcloud hit.
I heard it while I was riding my bike to my girlfriend’s house and I just started mumbling some broken lyrics in my head on my ride there. After I got there, I started writing out some verses, hit up Sejoh (who did background vocals), then headed to the studio at my homie’s spot and from there we laid it down. It was during finals week of spring quarter so I set aside studying to record haha I don’t regret it. The song gave me summer vibes and I felt like contributing to the already dope track.
– Dontae on the creation of “Let’s Chill”.
Be sure to catch Soulelection at a venue near you. Check out more of Dontae Adisa’s music here.

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