Inland Empire poet & lyricist David Dilin is a product of hip-hop and musical family. Around the age of 15, he composed  prose and poetry on Tumblr and soon began performing at his high school poetry club. In 2013, Dilin released his  Vice Versifier EP. Since then, he’s released more music while still developing. David also has a background with performing his work nationally, while performing music throughout Southern California.

I think we make a good team. We both very appreciate each other’s writing style and content.

  • David Dilin on collaborating with Sabrina Claudio

JDefeats creates calming minimalist production based with clear chiming hi-hats. Claudio‘s presence is instantly known through deep harmonies. The Confidently Lost vocalist seeks direction and reassurance. Dilin paints radiant pictures through poetic lyricism. “Song For You” is heartwarming and ideally relaxing.



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