ChÜck (pronounced Chuck) is Lawndale based rapper demonstrating musical adaptability with organic sounds. The Ü abbreviates his middle name Uchenna (meaning “God’s mind/thoughts) while paying homage to his Igbo roots. He’s somewhat a self-proclaimed Isaiah Rashad disciple with specks of K.Dot and Schoolboy Q mixed in.

“Supply and Demand” is an energetic collaboration with fellow Nigerian-Houston emcee John Ibe, seeking to redefine listeners’ expectations.

Growing up in LA everybody is a creative, but there’s a special few that actually put those thoughts into action. So to me, making music is like cultivating a family and learning as I grow (to become a better artist) but more so a better man who can inspire and teach.

MiiiKXY’s rattling production allows each creative’s messages to be heard loud and clear. The LA native seeks to break creative confines through clever bars: “What’s the topic of discussion? aw shit I’m talkin’ nonsense / Like I’m Mike Pence but I Trump the right to go ape shit / cause it’s dope shit / cause it sound nice / but the metaphors and the hook cool / so the Vibe right / so it’s Complex while its bullshit so it’s double X just hold the L.” Ibe, on the other hand, rebounds with impressive flow and fast-paced imagery of his lifestyle.

Being a Nigerian artist I don’t want to just be another Afrobeats star, I want to be the best Nigerian rapper in the game.

Although this is ChÜck’s first single of the year, a full-bodied project is in the works. Follow ChÜck on Twitter and listen to John Ibe’s new single “US”.

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