Anonymous LA duo V & A  (known as Emotional Oranges) have been crafting upbeat R&B songs with strong bass lines inspired by relationships — from moments of elation, jealousy, conflict and everything in between.

They recently embarked on a 17-city, one-month domestic tour starting in Vancouver and ending last Friday in Santa Ana with synthetic soul Montreal trio Chiiild as support. 

I found out about the Oranges through Twitter after seeing the music video for “Personal”. When they announced their tour, I was ecstatic because The Yost Theatre has been on my radar since starting this site 5 years ago. 


 Upon arrival, the Yost grabs your attention with it’s large, vibrant signs. It was quite spacious, reminiscent of an early vaudeville theater with 1,000 person capacity. Once in the main room, attendees are greeted with a large stage and lots of standing room to get comfortable. 

The show began rather fast with Chiiild captivating fans with live guitar, violin and synth. Their set was short, including live renditions of singles  “Count Me Out” and “Back to Life”.

Soon after, the Oranges took the stage with blinding flickering lights and smoke to set the mood. Fans were singing along to a well-mixed transition series of tracks from The Juice, Vol.1 while providing a glimpse of Vol. 2 and throwing it back to Cassie’s “Me and U”. The crowd also got an encore of “Someone Else”, courtesy of a lucky fan. 

As a duo, the Emotional Oranges thrive on crowd energy while making their sets reflect the catharsis-like effect of their music. V’s vocals are powerful and captivating while A maintains a smooth, mysterious persona. When seeing them live, it makes you wonder if they’re singing about each other. But we may never know.  

Don’t be a hater, stream Emotional Oranges’ new single “Sundays” below & follow them on socials @EmotionalOranges / @HelloChiiild.

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