Quench Your Thirst with Internetboy’s “Minute Maid!”

Quench Your Thirst with Internetboy’s “Minute Maid!”

Ohio producer and artist Internetboy explores the possibilities of summer love in “Minute Maid”. The track’s production builds upon a luscious percussion and bass for him to profess his romantic desires. “Minute Maid!” seeks to quench your thirst while reminding you of how infectious infatuation can be.

 The cover art was hand painted by yours truly and took about two days (and way more paint than i thought) to complete. I had hella fun making this song

– Internetboy on the creation process of “Minute Maid!”

Internetboy appears to be somewhat emotionally distant yet smitten, showing that he enjoys just being in this person’s presence with a relaxed tone. His chorus reacts as his curious voice in his head while trying to keep his cool. Like lemonade, “Minute Maid” shows how potentially bright and sour life can be.

Check out more of Internetboy’s production and tracks on SoundCloud and follow him on Instagram and other socials @internetboy.

Dance The Night Away with Paris Nu-Funk Producer Dabeull’s ‘Intimate Fonk’

Dance The Night Away with Paris Nu-Funk Producer Dabeull’s ‘Intimate Fonk’

Paris producer, musician, and singer Dabeull released his new 5-track EP, Intimate Fonk yesterday. It features the likes of Roche Musique affiliate Darius alongside vocalists Holybrune, Kunta and R&B crooner Rush Davis among others. In the span of 18 minutes, listeners fed a tantalizing palatte of Funk sounds ranging from Electro, Synth-pop to Nu Funk and Disco.

‘Rest assured that I want to keep the spirit of Street Funk alive, but lightly sprinkled with sugar! My goal is to make music the way it was made back in the days – late 70s, early 80s – I wish they would have kept making it that way so I am doing it for them’.


Dabeull captures the essence of summer with fluttering, captivating opener “Day and Night” featuring Holybrune’s silky, curious vocals. Kunta’s hypnotic lyrics on “I Love You So Much” capture love’s inducing effects with luscious, slow-burning R&B sounds. “Last Night” acts as the project’s moment of surrender highlighted by refreshing basslines and synth. Connections begin to wavier in the pulsating track “You and I” where Holybrune seeks to fill the void. Dabeull collaborates with Rude Jude and Rush Davis for vivacious groovy closer “Dr. Funk” encouraging us to dance the night away.

Intimate Fonk is a short, well-rounded project offering a balance of energizing sounds with a polished old-school feel.

Add this project to your summer playlist and follow Dabeull on socials @Dabeull.

[Visual] WSTRN and Unknown T Meet Their Match in “Medusa”

[Visual] WSTRN and Unknown T Meet Their Match in “Medusa”

Source: WSTRN Music / Youtube

London-based rap/R&B collective WSTRN (comprised of Akelle Charles, Haile, and Louis Rei ) recently collaborated with Homerton drill rapper Unknown T for summertime single “Medusa”. The trio blend Patois with steel pans for a vivacious new riddim sound. Directors Luke Biggins and Ashleigh Jadee utilize a monochrome lens to emphasize various textures and movements of the artists and dancers.

Roman poet Ovid recounts Medusa as a once beautiful mortal woman who was converted by Athena (the Greek Goddess of Wisdom) into a snake-haired monster whose frightening gaze transformed mortals to stone.

Halie takes the myth of Medusa to warn others of the romantic challenges that come with chasing an unimpressed, uninvested woman. However, a confidnet Unknown T remains unphased as he tries to conquer her through swift wordplay.

Follow WSTRN and Unknown T on social media @WSTRNMusic @UnknwnT. Stream and buy “Medusa” by clicking here.

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