Wayi (pronounced [wa-yee]) is a 25-year-old songstress and songwriter molding love’s nerve-wracking, euphoric and woeful moments into sincere, sympathetic narratives. She found her voice in the church and school choir, while artists like Alicia Keys inspired her to explore musical avenues.

“Not only is my love life progressing, but so is my love for music, growing more and more every day”

WAYI on the title of her project Love In Progress

Today, the Belgian songbird debuts her 5-track R&B EP Love In Progress,arranged and produced by fellow Antwerp beatmaker James Lowland.

Listeners are introduced to a jaded WAYI who carries a debilitated heart and clouded mind bruised from a love lost in translation as doleful horns and strings create a confrontational tone in “Insecure”. “Rather Hear You Lie” highlights the adverse effects of toleration and apathy with silky vocals and pulsating production. She desirously sings for validation and understanding:

"Show me you love me, show me you care 
Show me there's something in the air
Why won't you let me know? 

So far, she’s provided themes of confusion, desirability, and indifference. “Temporary” tackles moments of inadequacy on the premise of eternal . There has been a moment of reclamation. Nonetheless, this track showcases how accessible former flames can be with one call.

Taken by Felicia Van Ham
Taken by Felicia Van Ham (https://feliciavanham.com)

“Fallin’ For You” continues to tug at your heartstrings through the perspective of a hopeful, hopeless romantic who passionately coos about possibilities.

The 25-year-old concludes with “Blame”, a heartfelt resolution ballad featuring the classical piano. She offers a robust tone to make healing from heartbreak more bearable.

Love In Progress is an 18-minute project providing an introspective look to the Belgian singer. Lowland’s arrangements capture emotive moments and allow WAYI to capitalize on the moment. Wayi’s vocals are therapeutic and her songwriting resonates strongly.

This is a project you want to save for emotional healing.

Follow WAYI on social media @ItsWayi and on Twitter @WayiSays. Stream Love In Progress here.

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