I found Crusin’ while browsing one of my Tumblr dashboards. Its lyrics is based on a real relationship. Luke White is a Youtube producer who gave the okay for this track. Overall, this sounds a bit like Wale’s “The Break Up Song”, (which samples Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do”) after listening to it a few times because of the opening beat snippet. So essentially, it’s a Wale type beat. Around at the third minute, it adapts a similar chopped & screwed take to A$AP Rocky. Crusin is something you can listen to while driving on the freeway or just while sitting at the beach. White’s beat complements V.A.L’s lyrics very well create a poetic discussion about his past experience with a stoner chick. It sounds great also as an instrumental too. I wonder what this would be like, if it was chopped and screwed.

Dwain Kammeron, better known as V.A.L is a Dutch-Surinamese born alternative rapper and songwriter from Miami, Florida. Growing up, he listened to Wolfmother, Red Hot Chilli Pepper and Rage Against the Machine. By 13, he was introduced to Hip-Hop after listening to “Natural Born Killers” by Dr. Dre and gravitated toward West Coast rap. V.A.L cites N.E.R.D, Big L and OutKast as inspiration. After spending a few years trying to develop and craft his style and sound, Kammeron decided to pursue music in 2013.

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