As musical technology evolves, new genres become mainstream (i.e, hip-hop rose with the record player, EDM with synthesizers and turntables). One of the most popular trends right now is the  crossover of Rap & EDM.  It is so popular that people refer to it as Trap music. But Hip-Hop’s Trap music is not this trend. Trap originated as a subgenre in Southern Hip-Hop and Rap. It has existed since early 2000’s and has had spikes of popularity in recent years with Chief Keef and Future, Migo$ and Rich Homie Quan. Most rap fans would classify artists like T.I, UGK, Jeezy among others as Trap artists.

Careers are created & can be saved due to trends. For example, Waka Flocka believed EDM saved his career. I can agree when Flocka states “each genre has their own form of trap”. The “Hard In The Paint” rapper incorporates EDM into his tracks due to the strong beat.  His career could have lasted without EDM. “No Hands” is notably one of his career’s most popular songs.”Flockaveli” made Waka popular in 2010. In Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap, Big Daddy Kane believes as music trends die, careers go along with it. A trend like “Trap”, (in reference to Rap-EDM) producers become popular.

I personally do not support both genres being “cross-polarized”.

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