Since Tobi Lou dropped “Troop” with Zero Fatigue‘s Smino, I have become a big fan of his music. There’s a lot to love about him: He embodies the essence of Carefree Black Boy Joy, rocks mini puffs and drops playful yet nostalgic content on Instagram while also being a fellow Nigerian from Chicago.

2018 has been an amazing year for the Midwest rapper and singer. His Glassface-directed “Troop” video garnished 1.5 million views while Yara Shahidi named him as one of her favorite artists in Vogue. The ArtClub International affiliate released “Birthday Boy”, a blunt yet soulful single celebrating a regular day in the life.

This video coincides with the ending of “The Blue”, released earlier this month. Lou works with Face once again in the Los Angeles hills to showcase how boring life can be. However, it doesn’t get to him, despite being doused in dark blue spray. His hook is strong as he blatantly sings: “You’d think that I was happy, but I’m not”. Tobi manages to fit vivid content in his shortest tracks. Although he may be unhappy here, he understands that tomorrow offers another chance to grow and be the best version of himself.

“Birthday Boy came about from me trying to figure out how to be happy on a day where there was nothing to be happy about. So in a sense faking it, faking your happiness. Most days aren’t your birthday.” – Tobi Lou
Acquaint yourself with Tobi Lou by following him on social media @TobiLou. Listen to his latest EP tobi lou and the Moon. Also cop some TROOP merchandise here. His debut album is still in the works, executively produced by No I.D. It’s slated for release later this year.

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