From looking at all the Concert Chronicle posts, it is clear that I avidly attend mostly Hip-Hop and R&B shows. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to almost anything as well as cover almost any genre on here. But there has always been something about Andra Day that stood out to me: maybe her fashion sense, the fact that her Instagram pictures are shot in black and white or her potent singing. Little to few people (my friends) would be interested in attending her concert, so I went alone for the experience.

Cheers To the Fall has been one of my favorite albums of the latter half of 2015. The album itself is essentially a more classic jazzy-blue take on chronicling love. Day’s raw, retro-soul sound had appealed to me in the Serena Williams x Beats by Dre commercial; which was how I found her.

Andra is an artist who appealed to mostly an older generation.  The show took place at the Constellation Room — a smaller, more intimate setting located within the larger Observatory OC venue. Around 9:15, her opener, William Caleb Parker performed a small set acoustically. The crowd appeared to be very attentive to him.

Within the next hour, she casually stepped on stage with a warm wonder woman tumbler filled with tea in hand, ready to  move the crowd with her powerful vocals and live band. Miss Day’s appearance consisted of a white and red “Let the good times roll” tee, black suspender skirt, matching cheetah print head wrap and jacket and a pair of comfortable converse.

The San Diego native’s setlist lasted about a good hour, featuring renditions of “Mississippi Goddamn”,”Lose Yourself” and a Bob Marley melody, as well as touching performances of “Goodbye Goodnight”, “Forever Mine” and “Only Love”. Andra strived to uplift with “Cheers To the Fall” and  “Rise Up”. Her pianist, Charles, even gave a glimpse of his hidden vocal talents. She closed with her baby and album favorite “City Burns”.

Her performance and stage presence was captivating. Tuesday night only got better. Charles noted that Andra wanted to host a meet and greet, allowing fans to get to know her on a personal level. Shoot, a show for $12 and a free opportunity to meet her.. after getting a setlist? I couldn’t miss it for the world.

It was about 11:30, I and a group of fans patiently waited with aching feet in the brisk, chilly night. I bought a tee, cd and autographed poster. Andra Day was so kind, humble and blessed to meet each of her fans. She offered words of encouragement while simultaneously thanking each person for coming out. I was greeted with a hug and warm smile. After the picture she signed my album and setlist and we shared a couple of words. She is truly inspiring and is off to do great things.

Maybe I’ll start to see more contemporary artists. I enjoyed the change of scenery [ in terms of crowd] and live instruments. One thing is for sure, her shows won’t be this affordable next time around.


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