I’ve been waitin’ on my time.

David Kofi Owusu Osei (Prince KoFi)  also known as, YL (Young Lavish), YL Tha Don, or Tha Mowtown Mack is a 26 year old Texas born – Spokane WA raised emcee and songwriter. His mother is from Kentucky, while his father has Ghanaian roots. During adolescence, he listened to Motown, while frequently traveling. Kofi has touched down in Ghana, Canada and all over. Osei currently resides in LA, where he feels the most inspired. Since moving, the talented emcee has interned with Grammy Award winning artists such as Kevin McCall, David Wade, and Yonni; as he aims to grow as an artist and develop a larger fanbase.

KoFi remains to be a very versatile and multifaceted artist with the ability to create R&B classics and club anthems; as a songwriter, he has covered a plethora of genres including rock, neo-soul, pop and blues. He is also a well-cultured individual; being bilingual (English, Spanish) and learning Italian to consociate with fans and other artists. Language appears to be a very close to him: “The limits of your language are the limits of your world, therefore I aim to diversify my character in a way that will allow me to learn from all corners of this planet, remaining foreverkofi forever me”.

This unique journey has made Kofi who he is today and will continue to shape him as an artist and person while he aims to couple his Motown upbringing with the experiences of his generation whom are often labeled by the turn up itself. His dream is to expand his brand to a point where he can tour overseas, and meet people who have been touched by his music.

“MaQuin Ain’t Eazy (Prod. by iDBeatz) chronicles KoFi’s experiences since living in LA: from working for Complex, to living the studio life. It also pays homage to box office hit Straight Outta Compton, while sampling Eazy E’s Boyz in the Hood”. One thing I enjoyed about this track was the ability to be a “turn up” track, aside from something to listen to regularly. His lyricism remains very vivid and forthright. Each punchline is full of intense energy and confidence. He currently has a project in the works.

I am curious about how his LA lifestyle would appear in a music video.