Budding London R&B star Pip Millett has crafted her musical lane with a reassuring, transparent sound. Following the success of heartwarming hit “Love The Things You Do” and deeply relatable “Make Me Cry”, the 20-year-old songbird returns with a comforting single titled “Talk About It”.

Speaking on the track, Pip states: “Talk About It” was actually written with my boyfriend in mind. It’s yet another song about mental health but I think it’s a very present thing in most people’s lives, and people are finally talking about it. The effect that it has on relationships can be quite major; I know it created distance for us. People also express their own mental health issues in different ways, so there’s never a right way to handle it. I’m hoping that my honesty might bring a bit of comfort to others.”

 “Talk About It” reminds listeners of the times we’ve seen pain suffocate a loved one with muffled screams for help. But it also encourages us to lend a hand when possible. Producer Luke Gomm builds tension with smoky guitar, shaky tambourines, and snares. Both work together as this Manchester songstress paints an admirable tale of agonizing revival and reliance.

In one instance, Millet fervently narrates:

“He is treading onto harder grounds,

the sound it slows him down

and I’m trying to pull him out,

sinking further than he’s walking

let’s talk about it”.

“Talk About It” proves to be another strong release from Pip Millett. Listen to her previous releases below and follow her on social media @PipMillett.



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