“I beat the stigma & I’m not a statistic”.

Dorm Flow began as a college dream. Oakland lyricist Chris (C5) returns to motivate and relate to listeners with a second installment. It’s a 14 track, 3 skit project finalizing a series collection. Within the work, the CSU Dominguez Hills senior focuses on reflecting on his college and life experiences. Despite having no features, this tape, it incorporates production from upcoming producers.

Recently, he has opened up for Casey Veggies and Boogie. Drake, J. Cole and Jay-Z are some cited influences. Chris takes pride in inspiring a generation while giving back to his community. The 21 year old also cultivates his Dorm Flow brand.

“Somebody once told me your passion and your purpose are two different things. Well, I can’t serve my purpose without my passion. I’ve been growing in all aspects and really just figuring out how I wanna portray myself through the music. I would say this is by far my best body of work. ”

– C5

DF2 opens with “All For Nothing” reflects on how far he has come while graduation slowly approaches. Wailing background vocals and ad-libs add emotional depth. A “Busy” interlude follows in sync. “Busy” incorporates a jazzy beat to highlight his descriptive wordplay. “3 AM” focuses on showcasing his flows. “No Such Thing” sort of reminds me of Cole’s “Wet Dreamz” via C5’s delivery style.

The second interlude, “Home Grown Radio” highlights a radio station shout out. “No Fling Pt. 2” mimics Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name” instrumental. Here, a dream girl is described as he hopes to build an empire. “One Day” encapsulates his hopes and dreams for himself and the squad. It promotes a hopeful message: one day, you will be successful. Chris’ go getter mentality is shown through “Nothin’ Left”.

Melodic hooks are found more consistently after Another N***a. He tries to leave an impact among the youth with “Another N***a”; it describes the realities of many in the hood. An underlying message is to be cognizant of what the streets produce, when surrounded by a violent environment. Listeners embark on an emotional journey in “Love Me for Me”. “60 Seconds” is the final intermission. The Bay Area hip-hop artist exceeds his expectations while ensuring his moment is coming soon.

“Never Felt This Way” concludes DF2’s set lovey-dovey yet sentimental tracks. “Proud” continues to focus on inspiring and moving lyricism. “VP Dr. Franklin” features raw snippet of the CSUDH representative discussing his craft. “2015” reflects his shortcomings and self-sufficient artistry. DF2 closes with a bonus entitled “Think About It”, which is filled with contemplating statements and a wild wordplay and poetic mechanisms.

This project features great beat choices. Chris closely resembles Eminem and J.Cole in certain songs. There is something for everyone within DF2. Many of the conveyed messages resonate with listeners. It is a balanced emotionally conscious project.

Now the question is, what’s next for C5? Stay tuned.

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