Berlin based singer Namuun Ariun, (better known as Namuuna) started singing 3-4 years ago. The passionate bedroom singer-songwriter’s name translates to smooth/quiet/soft in Mongolian. She cultivates an honest and pure sound. Her music also opens doors to her thoughts, life and soul. This allows listeners and fans to create a vibing bond.Lianne La Havas and Frank Ocean are some inspirations.

5o’ Clock stems from a spontaneous decision to remake a Suff Daddy track. It’s visual can be found here. Namuun collaborated with Iceland stationed producer Beat Machine Aron aka BMA to devise a soul-soothing readjustment. BMA blesses ears with a calming piano melody. Her raw vocals are emotionally provoking enough to warm your heart.

An EP is coming soon.

Her 5o’ Clock rendition is available for download here. Check her most recent upload, “Timeless Love” below.

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