Future‘s career has skyrocketed after the successful release of DS2. Since then, he had been doing a mini tour of free shows throughout the US. My friend and I knew he was coming back to the Observatory again. We liked his first concert at this venue, so he was on our “Must See Again” concert list. This is show was on sale for $40, we bought tickets very quickly; the show ended up selling out in about three days and the venue made an extra show, which sold out too. I am ending my summer with a bang.

We arrived to the venue at about 2:30 in case there was a long line. The line had about ten people in it at the time. So the rest of our day was spent waiting in line until 7:00. The opening DJ’s set was very long this time around. His reason was because they were waiting for DJ Esco. For those who are unfamiliar with Esco, he hosted Future’s 56 Nights and Monster. The show openers included 3 Blunts Deep and Rich The Kid. Rich had brought Sean Kingston out with him towards the end. These performers were on stage between 9 and 10:15 and a bunch of the crowd were already tired of standing. A majority of us did not give any reception to them at all.

Esco arrived at about 10:30. He quickly hyped up the crowd by running across and jumping all over the place, while performing some samples of Future’s recent albums and mixtape. Future came soon after that. This show appeared to be a pop-up show, so he had performed a mix of discography. He was very energetic throughout his set — jumping, dancing and interacting with his fans. Some songs he preformed included “Thought It Was A Drought”, “Stick Talk”, “Blow a Bag“, “Lay Up, “Real Sisters“, “My Savages”, “Never Gon Lose”, “Monster”, “F*ck  Up Some Commas” and “Sh!t” . The Freeband man even did his signature dance to “Commas”. Esco had his after party next. We stayed a little bit for Lil Durk‘s performance.  I’m waiting for Future to come back again.

Here are some photos I took last night:




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