February was one of the few months where I really attended concerts back to back. The Across Cali tour was very short. It only featured four tour dates in February, with tickets being only twenty dollars.

Migos is probably one of the most livest trap concerts ever. There was a mosh pit, more pushing than usual. But this occurs at every concert — of course that is one of the drawbacks when you want to be in the front all the time. My friend almost got into a fight in the crowd.

The Atlanta trio came out at eleven at night, which was expected. Their setlist was very short. They performed “Hannah Montana”, “First 48”, “Versace”, “Fight Night” to name a few. Migos is a group with great stage presence. Each member separates on stage, which keeps the crowd attentive. They  definitely gets into the music and makes the experience even better. If you missed this show, they will be back in the Orange County area on May 26, performing here.           

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