Let’s grind till we overflow.

Midnight is a singer and songwriter from Rochester, NY. His travels to Brooklyn, LA and London helped him hone in on a unique sound: Future Soul. He combines vehement lyrics with quick, innovative sounds.

“Overflow” is a single from his recently released debut EP,  XII Labors. He collaborated with Amsterdam based producer Jailo. They sought out to create a dynamic beat to mirror a mercurial mood.

These lyrics reminded of a lustful, slow jam from the early 2000’s. Sometimes, he sounded similarly to Maxwell. Jailo’s beat does not come off as overwhelming, rather well timed and very precise. Something I enjoy about Midnight’s artistry is his astonishing ability to illustrate vivid imagery with laid back, dark tones. His music confidently takes emotional expression to new heights.

A review of XII Labors is coming soon. In the meantime, stream the project below. It is available for purchase via iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

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