“Exquisite Corpse in the form of verses”.

Exquisite Corpse is the fourth mixtape released as a collective. DJ Chubb E. Swagg hosted the project, while Rallo Boykins made the skits.

$urreal is a Hip-Hop collective combined of four emcees and musicians from different regions of the United States. Corbin Butler represents LA and produces for the group. Bostonian artist Ajani acts as the collective “resident soul singer and freestyle king”. Accomplished painter Emperor Tay, hails from Atlanta; he curates the artistic direction while bringing an inferno of deliveries to every record. The DMV is represented by incomparable DC rapper OC. This group formed on Howard University in 2009, since then they have brought their “lifestyle music” nationwide — with more than fifty shows under their belt.

This project itself embodies the term Exquisite Corpse — an art form where 20th century avant-garde surrealists collectively assembled words and images.  Their different regions bring multiple hip-hop subgenre aspects together. Throughout the tape, $urreal brings conscious rap mixed with extensive organic beats. It starts with “Moses Code” (produced by Corbin Butler), Butler makes an introduction with a set of emotionally charged verses. “$ob Style” brings a head-bobbing beat and a blaze of bars made by OC, Ajani, Tay and P-Wild. “Basquiat” features a more alternative sound as Corbin, Ajani and OC complement one another.

The same three come together again in “Must Be Bait” to discuss how they become bait for women. The collective wants you to calm down in “Take It Slow”. Beatnet’s production brings a west coast vibe for “Californiacation”, as the group leaves the DMV to be well off in California. Tay uses his interlude a space to showcase his lyrical abilities over a Butler produced beat. “Godspeed” is filled with nothing but OG’s rawness in a few bars. “Missed Flight” incorporates an easy going beat with a soulful chorus.”Sometimes (FUC U)” dedicated to the haters. Whenever they say F**k you, I’m reminded of Wale’s “F**k You” track from Eleven One Eleven Theory.

“Speculations” has an eerie, cryptic beat to it. The dark vibe continues in “Nobody Nose”, a track about perception. “People Say.. FTS”. By FTS, they mean F**k the system. Each member preaches issues with the media and law enforcement and racism in society. This track is complemented by “Pampers” focusing on corruption. Exquisite Corpse ends with “Hands Down” a track filled with dope flows.

Overall, this project is filled with excessive bars, flow, energy and emotion. There is not a storyline to this work at all, which is good. The collective demonstrated their creative abilities and lyrical versatility throughout Exquisite Corpse. I am a big fan of them after hearing this.  

Peep the visual for “Nobody Nose” below.  Exquisite Corpse is available for download on Datpiff and Soundcloud. Join the Well Off Movement while you can.

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