I believe that if I want something bad enough, I tell the universe and it comes to me.

Taylor Zari is an 18-year-old singer, songwriter and producer from Los Angeles, California.  Music is in her blood, literally. Her grandmother, the late Phyllis Nelson, was a 80’s signer/ producer most famous for the UK chart topper “Move Closer“. She is also the daughter of Marc Nelson, a notable 90’s singer and songwriter, who has worked with artists including Babyface, Beyonce, Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men amongst others. Her sister is also a musician.

As an artist, she feels that people are being polluted with music with unrealistic subliminal messages; Taylor strives to create music with honesty that can help them. At 7, Taylor was shy to sing, so she wrote and played piano. Growing up, Zari was inspired by Destiny’s Child, MJ, Alicia Keys and Sade, Erykah Badu, India Arie and Musiq Soulchild. Now she views Kendrick Lamar, Common, Lupe Fiasco and A Tribe Called Quest as influences.

88’s meaning is pretty deep. The number 8 holds a meaning in my life. I’m born October 8th, my sister March 28 & brother April 18. Often people in my life fall into this too. Numbers hold meaning, messages and characteristics you can look up. 8 is vibration on money ($$$), which explained my odd attraction to it. 88 specifically is one i see often recently wherever I go. It means self-discipline and responsibility, money, progression and various other things, but most importantly that a circumstance or situation in my life is about to end, and to prepare myself accordingly.

She released her highly anticipated mixtape 88 last week. Since then, the eight track R&B project has been well received. A majority of it is produced by Zari. James Harte, GlassJohn and Beatgodde$$ were co-producers. I stumbled upon her through recommendations on Soundcloud — I’m kind of glad I did. This has been one of my favorite Soundcloud sets and has been on repeat for the past few days. It intrigued me because there were no features, which instantly made me a fan of her music.

I love rappers and look up to them because there is rarely any restrictions on what they can do lyrically, melodically, and with their production. As a singer, there has to be a song structure most of the time.

88 appears to chronicle aspects of a relationship. In “Escape My Mind” the beat moderately picks up as Taylor prepares to discuss distressed perspectives. The quick drumming forces you to recall heartbreak. Zari offers a raw plea where she is yearning to be understood in “Don’t Do This“. There is a slower beat combined with claps for “Through It” which allows her mature voice to compliment it with sheer honesty. This was my favorite song of the project, mostly because it was too situationally relatable. I caught myself singing to it during my first listen.

She combines remorseful harmonies together with resentment in “Selfish“. The young songstress does not to struggle spread wisdom during “Change” as she sounds more easygoing. There is a retraction to evocative lyrics in “Say You’ll Stay“, a track with strong, heart-rendering lyrics . “Needed” emerges as being redolent and gloomy. She turns out to be confident in the universe for granting wishes. The project ends with “Words“, a track reminding you to think before you speak.

My goal as an artist is to get someone to hear something they need to hear, or that will help them. Not music about bullsh*t that plays on the radio that holds no message to change thoughts.

88 is definitely a mixtape full of emotional references that could be tweeted. This tracklist is ordered to take listeners through her aching relationship. She showcases confidence with her vocal range in every song. Harmonies and melodies add lyrical emphasis in the right places. I want to see a music video for one of these songs. Overall, a great project that’s worth the listen.

What’s next after 88?

Taylor Zari plans to create more music, practice her crafts as a producer, singer and songwriter. She wants to develop as performer. They (performances) hold a place in her heart because of dancing as a child. She is eager and excited to begin working on that artistry aspect.

88 will be available on iTunes in the near future for those who support her music.

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