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LA R&B/Pop songbird Aeriel is a voice for the independent and vigorous woman. Music has been a transformative space for the artist to vocalize her experiences in toxic spaces. As she’s explored her craft, Aeriel outgrew her shy, quite personality and reemerged as a confident, outspoken woman.

Taken by Kasey Stokes (@_stokely)

Until today, listeners were only exposed to “Be Down” and its visual available as she promoted debut EP Sad Girls Club in her bio on SoundCloud. It’s an emotive invitation from the pure yet forthright singer/songwriter who to listeners who seek to relate and learn from her personal experiences. Finally, we have been presented a full-body of work to understand Aeriel the artist.

Sad Girls Club is a self-written debut produced by Corey Michael and Godflow. Aeriel revisits emotions reminiscent to the stages of a failing relationship told in order, The five-track EP begins with a grounded opener “Good On Ya”, where the singer is met with complacency and a pandora’s box of emotional investment. It’s clear that once she feels for granted, there’s no second chances.

Flirty, 90’s-inspired single “Be Down” shows disappointment is nothing new. It poses as a blunt anthem for the “almost” woman: a good girl who is often overlooked for someone else. Pride & emotional guardedness bring uncertainty as she confidently sings: “You’re just not ready yet, and I won’t get hurt by you / I’m seeing the signs, it’s time to look at my past / Get out while I can before everything goes all bad babe”. Her situation is mirrored in the Lex J-directed visual with intricate group-oriented choreography.

Amorous, slow-cadenced “Motion” lets fire and desire set the stage. We are now exposed to an emotionally-present Aeriel who is tongue-tied. In that same instance, the tables have turned from being forgotten to becoming a sole priority. Unwanted emotions finally resonate in “1000” as this songstress struggles to remain in control of her independence while being fed lies. The repercussions soon follow in “Selfish” as she belts to know better with self-preservation: “If I do the wrong thing, the right thing I might as well get what I want”. Lessons have been learned and they are invaluable.

Taken by Kasey Stokes (@_stokely)

Overall, Sad Girls Club is a cohesive and well-penned project tackling the struggles of processing emotions while justifying situations at any given time. Aeriel has crafted a refreshing, authentic sound in a saturated industry lacking originality.If this project teaches you anything, your peace will always matter.

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