Parisian beat maker and Orikami Records affiliate Lafayette Ellis created “Wonderful Feeling” as a birthday gift to his fans aiming for a summertime vibe. The 22-year-old began his journey in late 2011 and took it more seriously by 2013. Record labels such as HW&W, Soulection, Darker Than Wax etc. were encouragement sources; including respective artists circulating in the international “Beat Scene”.

Ellis previously co-established and curated a net label called Laruche Records between December 2012 and April 2015. It ultimately was put on hold to focus on music and honing in on his production artistry; encompassing  a combination of  Beats/Future Beats and Electronic music.

Two samples can be found in “Wonderful Feeling” a drums sample of rap group OverDoz’s “Last Kiss” and jazz singer Nancy Wilson’s “I’m In Love”.

Lafayette’s goal was to cultivate his energy [into the drum sample] while concurrently expanding both into a jazzy-soulful funk infused instrumental. Electronic sounds and impressions of piano and electric guitar aided in fusing a jaunty, sanguine end product. This track is good for any time of the year; it’s uplifting and reviving.

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