Jessica Audiffred is one of Mexico City’s emerging starlets. “K.O” is the second release following “GTFB” from her own A-Records. She’s left her mark in the Bass and Trap scene and continues to strive and become a household name. Audiffred has represented brands like Pioneer, Beats Audio and Samsung, while rocking stages at EDC and LIC Mexico.

This song is made with the intention of being played LOUD. I kept on thinking I needed to make a higher energy song to play out at festivals. I wanted to keep it really simple because during the process of making the track, the elements came together very naturally. All of the ideas for the melody and the lead flowed in harmony and the end result is a really fun track that I’m looking forward to playing at clubs and festivals with great sound system!”

“K.O” is a definite knock out. It is one heavy hitting electronic track with an thrilling buildup. Synthesizers and bass work together to reenergize your ears. The chord work is clearly intertwined, making Audiffred’s sound crisply versatile. This is also excellent for a hard workout. 

A-Records has great things in store. A takeover is coming.

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