28-year-old Virginia born-Atlanta raised rapper Glendino offers insightful lyricism and a realist musical lens. He’s lived a life rooted in visual creation and communication: from pursuing music to being a former podcast personality and ex-event host. The Atlanta artist dropped Equanimity, a project exploring his personal experiences while remaining hypercritical of today’s socio-economic lifestyles.

#Equanimity is a 7-track EP executively produced by Mr. Pia Classics and engineered by Abstract G. It briefly showcases Glendino’s technical penmanship and poetic intellect. Upon listening to this project, you’ll find the artistic influences of Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Andre 3000 sprinkled throughout.

Glendino opens with “ATLPsychoFunkadelicGroove” a slow-burning track inspired by OutKast’s “Southernplaylisticadillacmuzik”. We see a transparent day in the life exploring his mental headspace and artistic ambitions. “$$$” reminds us of the toxic effects of struggle to secure a buck over a bleak production. Glendino writes: “Niggas out here teethin’ for the man / demons out here lurkin’ so I’m praying when I can / quote on quote friends they done dipped died / running to the service / they done shipped out”.


As his project progresses, Glendino drops extensive wordplay with strong confidence for “Midnight Run” while questioning the hyperreal aspects of routine to quanitify personal progress in “The Process”. He’s highly aware that winning in life comes with highs, lows and fake company. “Purpose” oozes strong cadeances and storytelling to pose as a testament to one’s resiliance to achieve. “2035” tackles social conditioning and the prioritization of materalism and maintainance of the status quo, emphasizing us to “burn our yeezys” before concluding with “Fantasy World”, a track exploring life’s alternate reality as a dystopia.


#Equanimity maintains a consistent sound, complex lyricism with jazzy undertones. Standout tracks include “ATLPyschoFunkadelicGroove”, “$$$” and “Fantasy World”. While this is a mere introduction to Glendino, listeners can expect more quality tracks soon. Follow Glendino on social media @Glendino. 

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