A new year means fresh start, opportunities and growth. Sometimes we just need some optimism and reassurance to accomplish goals at hand. North Carolina rapper Enoch echoes that in praiseful single “Unapologetic” off his debut #UNapologetic.

Enoch is more than a rapper, he is a jack of all trades: producer, independent label CEO, filmmaker and student. His label, Charlotte-basedGoat City Records boasts talent from the likes of Nasir Ali and Crutch.

I got this music in my spirit and it keep me alive


His forefront message of #UNapologetic. is to be yourself. The Greensboro artist took a mellow route with production. Over the keyboard, K.J. preaches the standstill perspective of relentless pursuit of prayer, hustle and ambition in the chorus. Enoch identifies as a family-man surviving with music flowing in his bloodstream. Eugenius brings a tenacious take with strong wordplay areiterating the importance of bouncing back in times of triumph.

Identity and mindset are two strong themes in “Unapologetic”. It signifies that problems are only as big as they are perceived. It is clear that knowing yourself is only half the battle in any situation. But sometimes, everything else is out of your control.

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