Dojo is a Canadian producer from Ottawa and recent Canterbury High School graduate. Attending this prestigious art school, tremendously broadened his musical intellect and appreciation. While there, he partook in classical music theory (also encompassing composition, harmony, etc.) and history. His musical prowess involves being a classically trained pianist and trombone performer. This training has been applied to composing music that he enjoyed producing and listening to (not to say that he does not like classical music, he loves it). The talented beat maker credits Debussy as one of his biggest inspirations: “Although we’re worlds apart as far as talent and genre, you cant help but being inspired when you listen to him”.

I like to incorporate Synths into my work because they’re so versatile. Whether it be fiddling with a preset until you find the sound you like or straight up creating one from scratch, Synths are one of my favourite parts of my production process. I just love making music and people enjoy it, which motivates me to make more. With or without the amazing support I’ve been receiving, I would be making music; but I love and appreciate all who support me and I’m very excited for the next steps in my adventure as a musician.

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“Tide” encapsulates the sounds of an oceanic ambience. Crashing waves are livened through synths and drops. An added vocal presence during gradual build ups would have enhanced it more. Halfway through, I realized Dojo has a similar production style to Cashmere Cat. Listen to this with subwoofers; you might just be left breathless by the end.

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