Dial It In is a music showcase launched last summer in Montauk, NY by concert & festival producers seeking to redefine the “pop up party” scene with renowned talent. In NY, Fat Joe, Talib Kweli & Martin Jensen kicked off their debut, exciting the crowd as music filled the night.

Dial It In was welcomed to the west coast with open arms on October 21st. The W Hollywood Rooftop hosted their inaugural 10 pm party with DJ duo Two Friends — Los Angeles natives infusing invigorated passion into dance music with live instrumentation.

This event received a large positive turn out as lines trickled down Hollywood Blvd. with ecstatic groups of attendees awaiting access to this vivacious party. Groups were making small talk, socializing about their weekend plans and music.

Early arrival proved to be important for event admission because getting around Los Angeles takes forever. By 11, the RSVP event rapidly exceeded to capacity unexpectedly. Upon entrance, guests were greeted with party favors, competitive games of beer pong and corn hole. Solo Cups and Pizza rounded out the night as Two Friends’ set echoed throughout LA streets. Individuals who were not granted access remained bummed as boxers turned them away.

As the night progressed, music roared and partygoers were elated in spirit,rocking the W’s rooftop. Floors vigorously shook from fans jumping in unison to fast-paced dance music. Sweat filled the air from large amounts of body heat. Closeness to others made it easy to build relationships while bonding over an interest in music. Those standing outside of the hotel remained curious with who was performing and what was going on.

#DIALITIN sought to exceed expectations for their first west coast party. It definitely did more than that. Next time, dial yourself in to find out their next location. Expect to enjoy yourself, meet new people and indulge in some friendly competition for a few hours.

Check out some pictures from the event below! It was definitely a night to remember.

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