Rock Boy Fresh is a local band from the Inland Empire making God-inspired music. They were also one of the 30 bands selected to perform in Fullerton’s College Web Media Festival.

The Inland Empire locals gave a spiritual awakening and energetic performance. Post-performance, I spoke with Alexandra Alise to see what they really are about.

What is the meaning behind Rock Boy Fresh?

Alex: Rock – Jesus being foundation, Boy – coming home to God, Fresh – Brand New as in refreshing, restored.

You classify your music as “Jesus Music”. How has Christ been a musical influence?

Alex: He gave skills talent, so when you can accept the talent, it is magnified. He gives you better skills – writing music, you can take what he is given.

What role has the IE played in your music and band?

Alex:  It brought the band together, the IE let us go to LA. RBF was connected, all went to school and church and related at some point. It shaped us to meet.

Is there a current project in the works?

Alex:  Yes,  The Definition. But Love. Forgive & Restore is our most recent release.

Who are some of your favorite artists at the moment?

Alex: SPZRKT, I love SPZRKT!  But all time favorites are Snarky Puppy and Jill Scott. People say i sound like her, I love her.

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