Derran Day is a singer/songwriter and Youtuber, well known for covering Justin Bieber, John Legend and Drake, to name a few. He currently has a project in the works, I was surprised to see that he would be performing at my university. It was a one in a lifetime opportunity.

The LA resident had come in a blue plaid button up, khakis, white converse and a snapback; ready to move the crowd in an acoustic concert. Alex Cloister, Day’s guitarist provided electric melodies and background vocals. At the beginning, very few people were in attendance, but as the hour went by; a large crowd trickled in as his angelic voice was amplified for miles on campus.

His set comprised of a classic mix — renditions of Don’t, Hotline Bling, Liquor, Novacane, Let Me Love You and others. As well as some originals. Alex was unafraid to display his musical talents. One fan was even determined to get her textbook signed and attempted to be serenaded — that was weird.

By the end, both held meet and greets. It was a nice performance and a good way to start Thanksgiving break.

Derran is going to have sold out venues in the near future. Props to CSUF ASI for bringing him.

Check out his most recent cover of Adele below!

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