The word “home” it means different things to everyone. Home is a space of contentment both figuratively and literally: it could be a person, place or specific experience. Whatever that may be to you, ChÜck brings you back to it.

The Lawndale rapperfollows Supply and Demand with feel-good track “MÜtherland”. Here, he is up close and personal, confronting fear with optimism. He sought to create a song where fans can feel something rather than critically analyze him for lyrical technicality.

“Take me Back”. “Like honestly man, like, I miss her everyday”.

Beatsinmybackpack and ThovoBeatz’s blissful piano melodies and cozy drums brew appeasing melodies for ChÜck to preach about his late Grandmother, Helen Cheluchi Anigwe’s legacy. He passionately sings “Take me to a place where when I can hear my grandma pray, that’s okay”. These lyrics make her sound like a phenomenal woman who looked out for her family and those around her. ChÜck counteracts with discussing his parents upbringing in Nigeria, vaguely describing spaces where they grew up. Like most of us, he just wants to return home and feel whole again.

Drums are more pronounced in the outro reassures that some things are out of our control and it is important to be patient.The sudden switch is refreshing as we see another side of him. In this instance, he confronts his youth’s wrongs, dabbling with life’s vices and letting him feel loss. He comforts us by briefly showing his shortcomings as a young artist.

If you ever feel like you’re going through it, listen to this section and song as a whole. It’ll motivate you to keep going when it gets tough. The cold season is a difficult time to withstand alone or together with other people. Hopefully, he is able to uplift you and help you with the hard times.

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