Back in February when I was reviewing BXRod’s Angels EP, “Golden” was one of my favorite singles. I scoured the internet for any available visuals and came across this black and white teaser on London record label DeepMatter‘s Youtube. On behalf of BXRod, Yo! That Slaps has the honor of premiering the “Golden” music video directed by Bay Area filmmaker and photographer Brandon Lee Davis.

In her new video, Vallejo’s Future Wave queen returns to the Bay to tell her story of reclamation. “Let it go and watch it fall, the same clock tickin’ on the walls”, Bx sings while strolling down wet streets. Red filters create a haziness for an ill-defined walk down memory lane.

The video was my own concept and director Brandon Lee Davis filled in the details. I love nature and wanted to maintain the etherealness of my persona and music in my visuals.

  • BxRod

In the woods, her hands graze leaves as the Los Angeles transplant as she finds clarity once again. BxRod can be seen smiling and spinning under the sun in a black and white outfit. This visual is a nice transformative take on being true to oneself at all times.

For the meantime, keep her Angels EP in rotation and connect with both BxRod & Brandon below.

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