As a music blogger, I have a lot of EP’s floating throughout Apple Music. Angels is intriguing project that I found through a friend. It came up on shuffle and I have a newfound appreciation for it.

Vallejo singer/songwriter BxRod has developed her own lane of fantasy wave music — a fine blend of Alternative-R&B immersed in a melange of boom bap, electronic and ambient. Her debut EP Angels is a collaboration with London’s Deep Matter label, home to Berlin’s Namuuna and Las Vegas producer Bhonstro. Calgary’s Chad Desjarlais and Detroit’s Moflo Music Productions built the bass heavy production.

The Los Angeles transplant covers themes of yearning, confusion and change in impassioned opener “Flowers Still Bloom”. “Golden” is the most intoxicating single of the EP. BXRod encourages self-liberation via a reverberating sentiments: “I don’t wanna wait. I’m not trying to wait for you. My shit be golden”.

“Secretly Don’t” finally introduces the standalone feature: Providence’s Krew$. They paint images of twisted hearts craving compromise over Moflo’s dreary beat. BX calls this an “ode to honesty”. It encapsulates wartime images of the heart and mind in love’s battlefield. “Crash” is equally transportive and introspective in navigating emotional mechanics with a secure sense of tenderness.

“Sleepy Hollow” is an ambient-like track where murky vocals develops into spellbinding paracusia – auditory hallucinations over piano. The 6-track project concludes with “I’m Taking Shotgun”, a spiritual galactic journey achieving self-satisfaction.

BXRod is an grounded artist offering truth, reassurance and robust vocals. I’m excited to see music videos for upcoming singles and projects. Does anyone know when she’s going to tour?

Check out her recent feature “Right By Your Side” below. Follow BXRod on social media platforms @BXROD.

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