Fullerton based R&B crooner & producer Apollo Hill has finally dropped a highly anticipated visual for his hit single “Dive”.

The 21-year-old Providence native prides himself on creating transparent music displaying his vivid world. His sounds often encapsulate moments of life, energy, color, and emotion transformed into catchy melodies. Hill hopes listeners empathize with the emotions and sensations concealed in his creative process.

LA-based freelance videographer, photographer and creative director Eze Egeonuigwe directed the moving visual. The opening sequence begins with flickering images as Apollo Hill &  Collin overlook a somber LA skyline basking in the background.

Rooftop and balcony shots are seamlessly intertwined with bright striking room transitions and downtown nightlife. These images all coincide with the clear, minimalist ticking instrumentals. Los Angeles rapper Collin adds deeper emotional connection through his poetic lyricism.

“Dive” is definite overall A1 visual and track. Try to keep up with Apollo’s vivid world.



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