Briana is a sample producer from South Carolina. Like some producers, she participated in middle school band ( playing trumpet, tuba and baritone), prior to becoming a “beatsmith” during freshman year of high school. At first, self-producing dance and trance beats were her primary focus. Three years later (and five years into producing), Bri found her musical niche in sampling Hip-Hop instrumentals. “Free” is a track focusing on percussion and transitional fluidity.

Sampling in my opinion enhances the listening experience and allows the listener to create his/her own interpretation of what the track sounds and feels like. This is my favorite track; It truly reflects what I experience when creating music.

“Free” features subtle vocals over peacefully progressing soundscapes. The interworking of winds, low cymbals and chimes put me to ease. By just listening to the melodies, you might feel optimistic in a sanguine situation. I felt like I was walking by the ocean during a sunset? She needs to release an EP or compilation of instrumentals soon. You just might be happy that you stumbled onto her page.

But really though, Is this track supposed to make you feel free, because I do?

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