Protect Your Peace with Cyanca’s “New Phone, Who Dis”

Protect Your Peace with Cyanca’s “New Phone, Who Dis”

Question the company you keep is the transparent message Charlotte singer/songwriter, pianist, drummer and producer Cyanca. She is the reincarnate of golden age neo-soul for fans of Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo.

“New Phone, Who Dis” is a smooth, simple ode of company and the hustle. Laphelle’s minimal, slow-burning production is captivating, allowing listeners to be mesmerized by Cyanca’s vocals. Cyanca tenderly croons to remind us to protect our peace and energy: “If you can’t coincide with my mind / we can’t be lay up / If you ain’t tryna grind / we can’t be textin’.

Filmmaker Alexander Hall’s eclectic 80’s inspired video depicts the Smithfield native at the center of a money tree. Soon enough, male model Muhammed Freeman is spellbound by cardinal vices of pride and greed until he is connived by his painter Lute .

Isle of Queens is a moving body of work capturing the soul and essence of Black queendom. She touches on themes of self-worth (Recipe), stability (Badu) and resilience (Future Mystery, Eat). Atlanta artist and producer Jaguar Summer provides additional perspective to strengthen her messages.

We’re excited to see what she has in store next. Keep up by following Cyanca for on Twitter and Instagram.


Enjoy Life’s Moments with BLCK Corvette’s “VVS”

Enjoy Life’s Moments with BLCK Corvette’s “VVS”

Downtown LA duo BLCK Corvette blends R&B music with hints of dance & club influence for a refreshing pop sound. Knowing that summer is coming up, they are a duo you want to look out for.

Antioch singer/songwriter Zemryan connected with Hayward Hills-DTLA studio owner/ musician DRWSKi in San Fransisco. Drew’s studio has appealed to those including Floridian Soundcloud superstars Lil Pump, Smokepurpp and LA’s buzz king 03 Greedo. The duo came together to create inviting, energetic music.

“VVS” is a breezy single capitalizing on life’s ecstatic and carefree moments. The track’s name is a play on the Very Very Slight Diamond, one the clearest jewel cuts. Zemryan and DRWSKi’s lively energy and robust vocals confidently shine in the short two minute window.

If you enjoy them, expect another release in the coming weeks.

Follow BLCK Corvette on social media @BLKCorvette. 


Fyra Satisfies Moments with Atmospheric Debut Single “In My Room”

Fyra Satisfies Moments with Atmospheric Debut Single “In My Room”

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Los Angeles crooner Fyra has been a longtime student of music. His captivating sound thrives off of melodic and rhythmic soundscapes for a soothing vocal style telling stories of his journey. Fyra has dabbled with old tape recorders, rock bands and indie pop sounds to craft a well-rounded identity. His artistry would appeal to those who enjoy Incubus’ diverse sounds, Miguel’s eclectic energy, Toro Y Moi’s atmospheric production and RKCB’s polished emotive vocals.

“I’ve always been drawn to things that are melody driven, but I also want to make music that can be played very, very loud!”.

 Debut single “In My Room” thrives off funky guitar leads, atmospheric synths for an astral-like chillwave sound. There’s a balanced segmentation of pop, soul and rock layered throughout the 3-minute track. Fyra’s impassioned melodies seek to satisfy the moment. “In My Room” is intoxicating enough to shut the world out momentarily. Overall, a nice introduction for those seeking to get into the chillwave sound and other experimental sounds.

Great things are coming our way in due time. As we wait, follow him on Instagram @fyramusic.

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