[Visual]August 08 and Smino’ “Blood On My Hands” Tackles Temptation and Heartbreak

[Visual]August 08 and Smino’ “Blood On My Hands” Tackles Temptation and Heartbreak

Los Angeles based songwriter turned R&B singer August 08 follows the release of his “Spiral” music video with new single “Blood On My Hands” featuring St. Louis’ Zero Fatigue founder Smino.
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Isha Walia and Travis Brothers collaborated on a cryptic visual to showcase the adrenaline rush of escape with a flashlight in hand. “Blood on My Hands” is an escapist anthem blending reverberating synthesizers with August’s raspy yet tender vocals. He’s haunted by wistful affection and guilt singing: “Should’ve never been so quick to give my love away / I’m involved with two girls I can’t / I’ve got this blood on my hands”. Smino utilizes an invigorated delivery to tackle temptation head-on.

“Blood On My Hands” serves as a temporary escape from life’s woes submerged in a smoky, strobe-lit trance.

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[Visual] Mind Games Confuse THEMXXNLIGHT in “All Alone”

[Visual] Mind Games Confuse THEMXXNLIGHT in “All Alone”

Music was once a side hustle for Bay Area natives Akash and Crish Chandani. In 2014, The Weeknd‘s House of Balloons inspired the Indian-American duo to diligently post R&B renditions on Soundcloud while studying in New York. Fast forward to 2018: TheMXXNLIGHT released LUVKUSH, collaborated with Wiz Khalifa and performed at Asia’s Sunburn Festival in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

“Mood” by @ayebread

Today, the 22-year old identical twins released their visual for “All Alone” off their upcoming debut EP XX.

Sledgren, Batman on the Beats, OZZIE, and AkaRashad crafted a multi-faceted bassline for THEMXXNLIGHT’s hypnotizing vocals. San Francisco based director Sooraj Saxena places the twins in a mansion in the desolate hills of an undisclosed location. “All Alone” proves to be an evocative love story of hallucination and mystery. But one question remains: was it love or lust?

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Desiire Celebrates The Good in “Goodbyes” with  TiKA & Casey MQ

Desiire Celebrates The Good in “Goodbyes” with TiKA & Casey MQ

A new year means making amends with our past in hopes of a fresh start and bettering ourselves. Desiire is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter translating the complex simplicity of mood and emotion into moving melodies. He recently collaborated with TiKA and Casey MQ for “Goodbyes”, an anthem commemorating failed relationships.

Musician Casey MQ provides an optimistic foundation of strings and drums to set the tone of “Goodbyes”. Desiire yearns for clarity with rigged, raspy vocals. TiKA’s style is warm and inviting adding empathic energy of vulnerable reassurance showing that we are seen behind our masked crooked smiles.

“Goodbyes” reminds us to find the good in departures and that some losses are blessings in disguise.

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